A patented blend of Kurozu and Morosil. Enhances the body’s natural metabolism. Naturally aiding in fat burning even while you are asleep.


200-Year Legacy: Timeless Natural Ingredients

Kurozu is produced in Kagoshima, Japan with optimum conditions of warm climate. It is rich in amino acids, organic acids, vitamins and minerals that could contribute to weight loss and keep in good health.

Takes 3 Years to Produce a Single Jar

The Zenso solution consists of four solutions made using Kurozu and other patented ingredients that are proven to naturally assist the body in losing weight. Kurozu is prepared using a traditional fermentation technique passed down for 200 years.

What Is It Made Of

Natural Ingredients

Japanese Black Vinegar

Prevents the absorption of fat

African Mango

Increase satiety. Control appetite


Prevent Weight Gain And Fat Accumulation


Decrease Fatty Synthesis. Burn Fat Quickly

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Certified & Patented

Zenso’s products have undergone rigorous testing and are certified to be safe for consumption.

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

ZENSO weight management solution is a programme that helps you lose weight healthily through improving your body composition rather than just reducing numbers on your scale. Our programme utilizes a holistic approach to weight management consisting of dietary guidelines, meal plans, exercise guides, and ZENSO products inspired by the Japanese black vinegar, KUROZU. There are altogether 4 products: KuroMizu, KuroShuga, KuroOiru, and KuroDaitto, all formulated with KUROZU and numerous other patented and branded ingredients proven to keep your body weight healthy through 4 scientific methods: (1) reduce ingestion, (2) reduce absorption, (3) enhance metabolism and (4) reduce accumulation.

KUROZU is a kind of black vinegar produced in Kagoshima, Japan with over 200 years of brewing history. KUROZU is made through fermenting premium rice in natural alkaline water, making it rich in amino acids that are not present in most kinds of vinegar. It also contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and organic acids that cannot be synthesized by the human body. KUROZU mainly enhances the metabolism of sugar and fat in our body, making it really beneficial in the weight management process.

We recommend first-time users to start with ZENSO Advance to achieve optimum results in weight management. For maintenance purposes, customers will be recommended ZENSO Lite after achieving their ideal weight and body composition.

ZENSO is a complete weight management solution that consists of 4 products in a series. KuroDaitto, KuroShuga, KuroOiru and KuroMizu work on different aspects and synergistically help to achieve healthy weight and body composition.

For ZENSO advance, the effectiveness in weight reduction relies heavily on the consumption of ZENSO products and also commitment from the consumer. For ZENSO Lite however, the effectiveness in weight reduction depends on both the consumption of ZENSO products and a balanced diet. This is because for ZENSO Lite, the consumer have to take 1 normal meal daily, hence the types of food eaten and the meal portion will greatly affect the weight management results.

Products in ZENSO series are safe for consumption. Every batch of our products undergoes a stringent quality check done by external accredited laboratories that tests for heavy metals and microorganisms to ensure the products’ safety and quality. All our products are carefully manufactured in a GMP and HACCP certified facility. Safety and quality are of our utmost priority, so only the best products will reach our customers.

Generally, ZENSO is suitable for all kinds of people who wish to manage their weight and achieve a healthy body composition. However, people who are allergic to the ingredients in ZENSO products (KuroOiru – chitosan (from shellfish), KuroDaitto – soy, macademia) and people with serious medical conditions (e.g. heart failure, chronic kidney disease, cancer, stroke etc) should seek the doctor’s advice before starting their weight management programmeor consuming ZENSO products.

You can expect a reduction in weight and body fat within one month of consumption. Besides that, you should also expect to see reductions in the circumferences of waist, hip, arms and thighs. Some of the customers would also observe improvements on their health conditions, e.g. more energetic; better sleep quality, mood, or skin conditions; lesser cravings for food etc.

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