Live Healthier

What We Want To Achieve

Our Mission

We provide a variety of high-quality health functional foods from Wellous, as well as consultancy support services to our consumers according to their specific needs.

Zenso Goal

“Ensure that our consumers achieve their peak health status through bespoke formulations and live out the best version of themselves!”

The Beginning

How It Started


Cristine Yeap

Cristine’s story has begun when she lost her job during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The overwhelming pressure caused her an unhealthy eating habit and irregular sleeping pattern, she was then overweight after months due to her unconventional lifestyle. The weight gain significantly destroyed her confidence, causing her desperate to look for solutions.

After Experimenting

Dietary Approaches

She has eventually discovered the best slimming solution – Zenso, a weight management product which formulated in Japan and manufactured by Wellous Group. With Zenso, she managed to lose weight without going on unsustainable diet, as Zenso formulation actively worked with her body’s natural processes to boost metabolism and reduce weight.

Inspired By

Slimming Journey

Cristine decided to become a consultant for Zenso as she realized that achieving weight-loss goals and regaining self-confidence can lead to a positive outlook and an overall life success. Her mission is to help the people to shape their body in a healthy and permanent manner.

In-House Dietitian

Jason Tan

  • 3 years experience in the Management and Treatment of Health issues and Diseases through Nutrition Counseling, menu planning, lifestyle changes, and Functional Food Therapy with Nutraceuticals.
  • Certified Graduate in Bachelor of Dietetics and Nutrition
  • Certified Dietitian graduated in International Medical University
  • Member of Malaysia Dietitian’s Association
  • Treatment and Management of disease through Medical Nutrient Therapy
  • Functional Food therapy with Nutraceuticals

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