Lead Consultant


Every Fruyoo customer will have an licensed dietician and experienced consultant assigned to them at the start of their journey.

This ensures every customer gets the best program that is customised for their needs.


Cristine’s story begun when she lost her job during the COVID-19 pandemic, causing a lot of stress in her life. The overwhelming pressure of paying bills quickly led her to develop an eating disorder - some days, she would barely eat, and on others, she would eat too much. This unhealthy pattern caused her to lose a lot of weight in some months, and quickly become overweight in the following months.


After three months, Cristine had lost the excess weight and regained her selfconfidence. She continues to use Zenso in her daily life to maintain her healthy body. With regained confidence, she has the mental capacity to now make healthier choices in her life. She has picked up yoga, eats a balanced diet, and maintains a positive and stable mindset.


Inspired by her own journey, Cristine decided to become a consultant for Zenso. She understands how difficult it can be to deal with weight and self-esteem issues, and she wants to help others avoid falling into the same trap. She realized that achieving weight-loss goals and regaining self-confidence can lead to a positive outlook on life, reduced stress, better social interactions, and overall life success. Her goal is to help those suffering from these issues to
achieve the results they want, in a healthy and permanent manner.


Cristine found it extremely difficult to break these unhealthy eating habits. The weight gain resulted in a severe hit to her self-confidence, making it even harder for her to control her eating habits. She tried numerous diets, but every time a diet failed, it led to more disappointment, and she would return to binge eating to de-stress. This pattern repeated for months, with each failure adding to her sense of failure and destroying her self confidence. As a result of her negative internal state of mind, she would have frequent mood swings and a constantly negative outlook - this started to affect her relationships with friends, families, and colleagues.


Knowing her life was spiralling out of control, Cristine looked desperately for solutions. Then, Cristine discovered Zenso. Unlike other products, Zen promised natural and healthy weight loss. Amplifying one’s body’s natural abilities to encourage weight loss instead of forcing it on extreme diets. With Zenso, she found that she could lose weight without going on unsustainable diets or forcing herself to eat foods she didn't enjoy. Instead, Zenso worked with her body's natural processes to help with weight loss and metabolism. When she had late-night cravings, she used Kuro Daitto, Zenso's meal replacement product, which helped her avoid binge eating.